The Estates



“The Estates are a collection of architecturally designed, interoperable, next-gen metaverse-compatible boutique house NFTs, where every NFT has an accompanying 3D file with full interoperability across all metaverses, virtual, and augmented reality environments.

The Estates aims to bring a sense of place to Web3, and is the first curated, interoperable, open-marketplace for real estate in the metaverse.

Some may see their Estate as a home, others as an office, maybe a personal gallery or party-house. We see each Estate as a space that is forever adapting and changing as web3 evolves and grows, meeting the needs of metaverses both already established, and yet to be created.

In a space where so many projects feel rushed, so many promises fall short, and the common theme seems to be "over promise, under deliver", we want to be the opposite.”



$EQUITY will be the coin and currency of The Estates. The only way to obtain $EQUITY is to hold an Estate. $EQUITY opens up a host of exciting possibilities for an Estate holder.



Active staking will allow you to generate $EQUITY, with minting straight into the staking contract available with additional added benefits.



The Shopping Mall is a first-of-its-kind Marketplace. WLs for emerging projects, Upgrades to your Estates, internal asset layouts, and individual assets will be on display and available for purchase with $EQUITY, directly from showrooms in a host of virtual stores.



LVL. 1



Road Map

Script development
Development of Assets
Blueprints & Staking
$EQUITY & The Shopping Mall
Metaverse Integration
Internal Renovations
VR App & AR Phone App
The Estates Merch & 3D Printing
External Renovations
Metaverse Collaboration and Development
The Showroom Community Driven Asset Marketplace
Future Collections & Development

Jaden Rubinstein

Position: CEO

About me: An Australian/Canadian Engineer of many hats by trade, Knot has been in crypto and Web3 long enough to have a few good stories under his belt. Knot oversees all day-to-day activities of The Estates, as well as the project road-map and development. He is a well known presence in Web3, with the intent to push the NFT space to new heights, all the while making strong connections and helping good people find their place in this developing environment. Also a proud cat-Dad, look for his little fur-balls to make a guest appearance during AMAs.

Jarrah Rubinstein

Project Manager

About me: I started my career doing market research and through that I got to do some really interesting projects with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Google, and Unilever. As my career grew I've moved from being a researcher to a project manager, a transition I've really enjoyed since I love working with people. I've been full time on the project since the end of Feb, focusing heavily on the marketing side of things, and have loved every minute of it.



About me:
 I am an Australian designer with over 10 years’ experience at some the country’s largest design practices in a range of architectural and urban design projects. I provide the architectural vision for the design of The Estates, managing the design output and direction of the archi team.

I  am a passionate designer who also teaches Architecture and Urban Design at one of Australia’s leading universities and am committed to the future of digital design and the endless possibilities it offers to expand the ways we experience architecture!”

Cj Lane

Position: Branding

About me: Business graduate from the University of Washington. I love to create and I find projects I can be passionate about so that when I work 60 hours/week before mint, it does not feel like work!  Very into fitness/health, film, photography, and music. I love spending time with my friends and can't wait to travel this summer, and I have a cat daughter named Versace who is my life.

Jonathan Marshall

Position: Head Mod

About me: I'm currently in college learning about machine learning and AI. I am fascinated by technology which is why I found NFT's and crypto so interesting. We are barely scratching the surface! I got into the Web3 Space about 4 months ago and fell in love with it. Building communities, making friends, and helping others is what drives me to show up day after day.

Drew Peterson

Position: Collaboration Manager

About me:
I am a power engineer by trade been doing that for 11 years, I enjoy the work but the shift work has been slowly killing me, I've always had some side hustles, my last before NFT was reselling art toys and collectibles, so NFT just naturally made sense to me more so than crypto trading.  I found web3  the same time Sloppy did, we dove into together and here we are!  I enjoy the community aspect of web3 and getting very involved in the communities I invest in.

Lachlan Craigie

Position: Technical Advisor

About me:
Currently flat out building things for PXQuest but taking a moment to ensure the dev house is in order for my long term rl buddy Jaden. Previously enterprise AI, full stack and cloud engineer.

Chase Martin

Position: Brand Collaboration

About me:
I dropped out of college and quit my day job about 6 months ago to pursue Web3 full-time . Ive been in the NFT space a total of nine months now (roughly). My true passion is creating & building communities within the space. I am also extremely addicted to watching the progression of Web3 and I am forever grateful to be a part of it. Project Marketer by day, NFT Degen by night.

Joe Fiddler

Position: Community Manager

About me:
I took a job as an electrician straight out of high school. The problem was, my summer job lasted almost 10 years. In that time I got my Journeyman certification and my Red Seal, and eventually became a consultant for a large energy company.

I eventually had the nerve to try my hand with a couple different start ups and have tried a few different careers along the way. I started investing in Crypto and Eventually NFT's and now have found myself spending all my time in the web3 space. I've met so many great people in web3 and continue to be challenged to learn everyday.


Position: Script and Asset Development

About me:
JEEZER is an architectural design studio based out of Cairo, Egypt, specialising in Digital Design and Fabrication. JEEZER has been responsible for taking TF=Pace’s designs and turning them into a digital reality, producing the assets and scripts that allow for 4 beautifully designed themes with sextillions (10^23) of different assets combinations!”


Position: ARTIST

About me: 19yo first year student of industrial product design. I have my own brand/company working on 3d animations and art called xanadu green.